Looking For work and 3d Printing progress

Last week I received a phone call I partially expected. I no longer have a job.

It is not all bad news though as my employment had not ended on bad terms. Due to a decreasing workload they did not have enough work to give me to justify keeping me on and stressed that if work ever picked up they would bring me back.

As of writing for this I have applied to roughly 50 jobs Including one I have an interview for tomorrow which would be my childhood dream job. Servicing and building computers!

As far as 3D printing goes through my job search I have started printing a new prop to go on the shelf as well as painting the mini nuke cutaway replica from the  ever popular fallout series.

I also bought a Flashforge Finder 3D printer a month back to help me with multitasking my prints to save time! Obviously running two 6+ hour prints in parallel is far preferable to running two one after the other.