Where have you been,Omni?

Where have you been,Omni?

In a question that comes up semi regularly I did indeed disappear for a bit there, Lets get into why that is.

The last 6 months have been in a word... Rough.
In late February I visited my grandmother in hospital after she had some back surgery. She had some complications occur but it seemed that she was in good spirits. I gave her a hug and told her I loved her as I left. less than two weeks later, She was gone. There are a vast array of emotions I am feeling about this but I feel it will take much more time to fully reconcile with them.

The next month was spent working hard on a project in Second Life, It is not yet complete but I think I will write about it soon, there is plenty I have learnt and a lot of rust I have shaken off of myself in that department.

Victoria continues its fight against Covid-19 valiantly. And between constant news reports and people not following the health restrictions on public transport, My anxiety is at an all time high.

The latest lockdown has restored most people to wearing masks as per the restrictions for the time being at least. I suppose once they open the Vaccine to under 30's I can at least be comforted that I will not develop a severe case if I do become infected.

This month I had a bit of a dental scare when a large cavity appeared in less than a week. With the help of my partner this should be resolved given I had the cavity filled.

Regardless, Tax time is coming up and I find my main PC is struggling more and more, So I believe an upgrade is in order, the question is simply the following,
Should I await the next generation of AMD CPU's/Motherboards?
For now I will keep an ear out to see if they are on the horizon.

I also plan to make a new desk with the help of my dad, So that should be pretty good! I already have the desk designed up in cad and it should come to around $300 of materials.

In 3d printing I have been getting a few prints in here and there including a certain sword from Destiny.(Expect a post about that soon™) I think I am going to get a few smaller projects out to get back into the swing of things, So expect to see more soon!

My housemate got me into amateur radio. So, while I am also making an antenna for my radio (Sadly I cannot transmit yet, License test is pending.) I have been enjoying listening in and learning about the hobby. Expect a post about the antenna soon™.

Anyway that's basically the last 5-6~ months in a Nutshell
Here's hoping that the next half of 2021 is the good half