Monitoring my 3D Printers from afar

I recently Decided that my current Astroprint server running on my Pi3 was not really efficient for watching both printers. So yesterday I decided to setup my Pi as a camera server.

To achieve the goal of putting all of my cameras in one place I decided to use MotionEyeOS. This enabled me to easily setup my Raspberry Pi as an easily accessible Web server to show what the two cameras pointed at my 3D printers could see. This enabled me to not need to sit near the 3D printers to check up on them from time to time.

It works very well! Over the internet I have my gateway throttling it to provide around 1.6FPS on both feeds where as when local it is set to cap out at 5FPS. I find this works for checking up on a print.

Moving forward I would like to try using my Dell T610 to run this setup as a new VM, as it will be less likely to overheat than the Pi would be should I chose to add more cameras. Continuing on from that I would Also love to add a sort of remote kill switch to the printers in the event of a failing print (Likely in the form of a smart plug for the Cocoon as the Flashforge has integrated Cloud via Polarcloud.)