Hi there everyone!

I know its been a while since I last posted, That has been mostly due to my new job and adjusting to the new schedule that ensured.

Speaking of the job I did get it! I am now a computer service tech! It has been a little tougher than I expected but I love the challenge.

I have been 3d printing a little less in the last few months but I have managed some good prints as well! I will include a few pictures of my in progress replicas

Planned projects for 2019 in no particular order are:
To make a laser engraver.
To add a second Octoprint Server to control my 2nd 3D printer.
Try to build an Ambiclone for my PC
Upgrade the printer zone to make it look nicer for pictures!
Try to make a Pi media center with ambient lighting.
Lots More replicas!

Speaking of my 3D printer, though I have the Cocoon create running through Octoprint now! And with a few tweaks with the wondrous Octorant plugin It now sends me updates on Discord!

Anyways, See you all next update!