3D print status Masterpost

The below list will be used to keep track of 3D prints I am currently working on or planning.
I will do my best to keep this as up to date as possible so feel free to check back!

  1. Graviton lance
  2. Nezerecs sin
  3. Breachlight
  4. D2 Ghost 2.0
  5. Halo Activation Index
  6. Nerf Stryfe vector mod
  7. Laser Pistol
  8. Bonecharm
  9. D1 Infinite Edge
  10. Maliwan Sniper
  11. Bone Rune
  12. Nerf Rival Apollo Mods
  13. Sunshot
  14. District 9 Assault Rifle
  15. Coldheart
  16. Chain Mail for D2 Costume
  17. Season of Dawn Warlock Robes
  18. Thorn
  19. Monte Carlo